Little Czech Primer and Printing

I have been asked fairly frequently whether there is an easy way of printing this site in a convenient way. Unfortunately right now the answer is no. I’d really like to convert this site from using flat HTML files to being a dynamic, database-driven one. This would allow much more flexibility in display, sorting, updates, etc. Once I have this done I can think about doing a printer-friendly version. But I still have to wrap my head around the database structure, and until that happens I’m not getting anywhere. For now I’m going to try to focus on getting some updates done.

One thought on “Little Czech Primer and Printing”

  1. Dear Owen,

    Thanks for answering my question about printing the cards. It’s not so inconvenient to print one per page, it just takes a while. I used the crayon image to make a couple more color cards; that’s not hard either. I really appreciated that you made a complete set of the numbers.

    I’m not sure whether to reply to this posting or the most recent posting. Anyway.

    How about “spiders” as a card? My tutor used the word to go with the verb “bat se” (to be afraid.) A couple of other good ones might be: poledne, dopoledne, odpoledne (noon, before noon, after noon for my fellow studenti) and hudbu (music).

    Sorry I suggest so many. I made a few cards of my own: hodnĂ© lidĂ­ (lots of people) and others. But now I’m stuck on muj, moje, et. al. and that will probably keep me busy.

    One more week until Nov. 4th! Keep your fingers crossed!


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