One thought on “More requests”

  1. Thanks for posting tužka, taška, boty, and ponožka. I’ve been working on v + locative. (V tažce is useful for practicing, and so is v ledničce.)

    Inspired by the Czech Primer, I downloaded a few images from the Internet to make cards. It works well for nouns (bed, armchair, entrepreneur…) and somewhat well for adjectives (lazy, strong, sick, dead, healthy, married, single). I had a problem with the adjective “dirty,” though, so I hope you will consider doing that card. (I haven’t tried verbs.)

    I finally bought a dictionary, but the only one I could find in a Bay Area area bookstore was by Nina Trnka, published by Hippocrene.

    Těsim se va V├ínoce.

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