EU not to protect smelly Czech delicacy for now

“Olomoucs syrečky, sometimes also called tvarůžky have to be kept in a special glass jar for their strong odour. … For the moment, the special “little cheeses” of Olomouc…will not enjoy the protection of the EU.”

That’s one I hadn’t heard of. I need some more schoolin’ in Czech foods.

2 thoughts on “EU not to protect smelly Czech delicacy for now”

  1. They’re nasty. Basically imagine cheese that smells like really old sweaty socks. My father in law loves it….

  2. I love cheese, and I eat a lot of it. I went to Olomouc in 2001, though everyone told me not to try it, I had to. I ordered a plate of it… it was the most potent cheese I’d ever had. I tried my best to down it – in the end let our host have the rest as he loved it.

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