Portrait of the Author as a Smooth Operator

About the Author

I live in Millfield, Ohio, (U.S.A.) where I work as a librarian and webmaster for the Athens County Library system, and freelance web designer through Zivot Design.

The Little Czech Primer grew out of a series of hand-made books I put together to help me learn Czech while visiting Prague a few years ago.

This web site is a labor of love, and I have grand dreams for it. I still can't speak Czech, but as long as I keep trying, I'll keep publishing The Little Czech Primer.

About the Audio

Audio clips were very generiously contributed by Pavel Farkas, and I am in his debt for this addition.

Pavel Farkas lives in Prague, Czech Republic, where he translates and edits film documentaries. He also is a journalist and photographer and directs the production of Czech language versions of television programs. Visit his web site here: http://pfarkas.com/.

Additional Contributions & Credits

Verb conjugations were contributed by members of the MyCzechRepublic.com Grammar & Pronunciation Forum.

I owe a debt of gratitude to all the corrections I've gotten over the years, via email and in comments.

Owen Leonard