I'm glad you visited The Little Czech Primer, but I know there's a lot my site doesn't cover. Here are some suggestions for other places on the web to try.

Czech Language Resources Around the Web

Local Lingo: Czech Language Learning Resource
A storehouse of information on the Czech language, with detailed information about the alphabet and pronunciation, and with Real Audio samples of words and phrases.
English-Czech Dictionary
A simple translation form, English to Czech or Czech to English. Results can be extensive, but without contextual help it's often hard to know whether any particular translation is correct..
CZECH Info Center: Essential Czech
Several basic Czech phrases in the AU audio format.
Haig's Czech Pages
Haig Utidjian's recommendations of books and other resources for learning Czech. We share several recommendations, and he has several others to look into. He also supplies some other Czech links.
Project Shtooka's Czech Dictionary of Pronunciation
A large collection of audio files demonstrating Czech pronunciation. Audio files are made available in various formats for download, and the works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 France license. The interface is labeled in French, but the navigation is simple enough to follow.