Thank you #Inktober for these updates

I’m trying to get back in the drawing habit. Last year #Inktober motivated me to do a drawing every day in October. Instead of the official Inktober list I followed this Monstober list. It was the most drawing I’d done in years.Inktober drawing for the prompt "Crystal"I followed up the next month with Dinovember, with dinosaur drawings every day. My momentum didn’t last much longer after that, but it still feels like an accomplishment.

Drawing of a dinosaur skullThis year I wanted to do Inktober again, and I realized it was the perfect opportunity for me to get back to my Little Czech Primer, so long neglected. For 2019 I followed the “official” list and managed to keep up pretty well. Now that the month is over I’m working to scan and post each of the drawings as a new entry here.

Starting with Prsten, ring.

The Communist Cookbook That Defined Prague’s Cuisine

Cooks that wanted to deviate from these recipes had to get approval from the Ministry of Health, a request that could take years to go through. Most people opted for the easier route, which is how thousands of nearly identical menus came to be established across the country.

The old-fashioned Czech cuisine which was around when I first visited Prague gets a lot of criticism. I quite liked a lot of it, so I’m more interested in seeing a revival and re-imagining of that Czech food rather than any Italian restaurant no matter how many Michelin stars it gets. I hope I get the opportunity to see Czech Cuisine: A Modern Approach.

P.S. I didn’t know there was a Prague Gastronomy Museum!

Source: The Communist Cookbook That Defined Prague’s Cuisine | Atlas Obscura