Other audio resources: Wiktionary and The Shtooka Project

I was Googling a Czech word the other day to check my work–I’m not a fluent speaker, so I make lots of mistakes. What I found was new to me: Czech language resources on Wiktionary complete with sound files. The sound files seem to all originate from The Shtooka Project, “a non-profit organisation, with the object of creating free audio collections of words and expressions as well as developing software tools to exploit these collections.” The files are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 France license.

Radio Praha’s ABC of Czech

This resource is new to me, but it’s high on my list now: Radio Praha’s ABC of Czech. It offers short (less than five-minute) audio programs dealing with Czech words, phrases and idioms. The files on the site are in RealAudio format, but if you subscribe to their RSS feed each episode will appear with an mp3 enclosure. It’s really worth a listen!


I’ve put off blogging this link for so long I’ve forgotten where I first saw it: SlovoDne.cz. Most of it is in Czech, but one of their crew, posting as “Fred’s Czech Mate” offers great commentary of Czech language and culture. The first of his entries I encountered was No Jo, and the accompanying audio is great. Same goes for Twister.

Oh, and because my Czech is so dismal, the rest of the site could be about overthrowing the world or someone’s paper clip collection for all I know!