Czech Cheese

Someone came to this site the other day via a search for ‘Czech Cheese.’ I don’t know if they found what they were looking for, but it made me curious what other things might have turned up. A couple of interesting results came right up: Cheese labels of Czech, part of a collection of cheese labels from around the world (boasting more than 2000); and Czech Fried Cheese, on this Czech Recipes page. Mmmm…. Fried Cheese.

P.S. Someone else reached this site the other day via a search for ‘Czech Butter,’ implying that the demand for Czech dairy products via the interent is skyrocketing! This was at the same time that I was over at Harrumph! hassling Heather about how big a stick of butter is. I guess butter’s important to lots of people.

The X in Czech

To the person who found my site looking for “words that start with x in czech,” here you go, courtesy Josef Fronek’s 1999 English-Czech Czech-English Dictionary:

battleaxe, shrew
to xerox
xerox (adj.)

So presumably Czech children’s ABC books are stuck with xylophone just like we are. That is to say, if they include X at all. My kapesni slovnik doesn’t even include any X words, nor does Frantisek Kabele and Ludek Vimr’s Brousek pro tvuj jazicek, a children’s book of ABC rhymes (unfortunately one the few Czech children’s books I own).

Oh, and to the person who found my site searching for “mean little dogs,” sorry I couldn’t be of service.

Get your s3xy v3g3t@b13$ right here!

And by the way, when I used the phrase ‘sexy vegetables’ (below, on September 13), I certainly didn’t think anyone would come here looking specifically for sexy vegetables. To the person whose search for that phrase led you here… I can imagine you were disappointed.

Labor of Laska

Shameless self-promotion: The Little Czech Primer is featured in an article in The Prague Post! The article’s called Labor of laska (love), and it’s on the web. And if you’ve got the print edition, it’s on page D6 of the October 25-31. Thanks to Evan Rail for writing the article, and for sending me a copy of the printed article!