One thought on “Vesele Velikonoce”

  1. Dear writer,
    I never see such a crepe. I am living in New Zealand and here is a more daily violence on females any day as on Easter in the Czech Republic. Don’t criticize the Easter traditions what you don?t understand. Critic from ignorant and globally stupid Americans is exactly what we are missing in other World. They made mess in Kosovo and around the World and nobody criticize them. Make tidy your own Country first, which is full of failed moral, porn and other shit.
    In my eyes is all USA a bunch of mentally retarded kids with nuclear weapons. Some time that is more dangerous as some extreme as drunk men with wisp in Eastern Europe. Normally the ?Easter beating? is only symbolic; but in any country you can find some idiot, in Czech republic the Extreme Easter Celebrants and in USA George W. Bush, isn’t it truth?
    John Kucera

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