For a while they didn’t

For a while they didn’t but now they do: The Globe has a web site. So does their doppelganger, Ouky Douky.

The Globe, unbeknownst to us, moved in 2000. When we went looking for it this past June, we were astonished to find another bookstore/cafe in its place–Ouky Douky. This new establishment was eerily like The Globe in every way, except the language of choice had changed from English to Czech. A bizzaro Globe. We stopped and had lunch (great sandwiches), and thanks to the English-speaking bookstore attendant, we got the address of The Globe’s new location.

The new Globe’s cafe is much improved: more space, and a great new menu. And they’ve got good cheap internet access. But the bookstore section seemed less well-stocked. On previous visits The Globe was always my source for English translations of Czech fiction, but during this past visit that section seemed very limited. Luckily there’s always the Big Ben and Anagram bookstores.