Outside the center

this is prague, by wishfish.

This may not be what you see in most people’s vacation shots, but to me it means Prague just as much as any photo of Charles Bridge. I spent lots of my time in Prague in neighborhoods like this, in Opatov or Pankrac (Hey, I can see my house from here!). We traveled around the city every day, so we never felt stuck in those neighborhoods. I can see how it could be oppressive to live in that kind of environment for a long time. But to me these photos mean Prague, and a personal connection that I rarely feel from photos of Prague.

2 thoughts on “Outside the center”

  1. Hmmmmm…. a surprise to see my photo here while browsing around your site. Thanks for the credit, at least, and I do retrospectively give you permission to use it!

  2. Thanks wishfish. I guess I didn’t realize that some folks might have a problem with having their Flickr photos blogged. I was wrong to assume that because the photo was public, and because I gave full credit, that it was okay to blog it without permission. I’ll be sure to be more conscientious in the future.

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