Sad News

Okay, those following the news will already know–I pointed out the “bright spot” too soon: Gaston didn’t make it home. Here’s a related story from The Prague Pill: The Ark of Troja. I’m not cut out to be a newsblogger. The bad news just makes me not want to read any more news.

The Prague Post Flood Updates

The Prague Post Flood Updates page seems like a good place to read the latest news. This item was a bright spot in the gloom:

The sea lion Gaston, missing from the Prague zoo, is tens of kilometers behind the German border and is being chased toward Prague by three boats.

Gaston has since been captured and declared in “good condition” by his German rescuers.

How to Help

The Prague Post has listed some organizations helping in the flood relief effort. The first item is The Prague Post’s own effort to provide funds to schools and libraries damaged by the floods. Scroll down to find information on contributing to other organizations, like The People In Need Foundation and the Red Cross of the Czech Republic.

If anyone has any other links related to relief efforts, or any recommendations on how those outside The Czech Republic can help out, please pass them on!

The name of your cow was…

“McDonald’s reassures customers that its beef is so closely regulated that its hamburgers can be traced back to the individual animal they came from.” If that’s indeed true, then they’re doing things very differently there than they do it here in America. In the U.S. you couldn’t trace a hamburger back to the individual state it came from. I hope the McDonald’s-going Czechs are wary of these statements.