Police to investigate Czech National Library competition

The architects just as other competition critics mind that the winning project by Czech-born British architect Jan Kaplicky, dubbed “octopus” due to its shape, did not meet one competition condition.

Worth a click just for the rendition of the proposed building in its natural habitat. I think I’m happy for anything that will derail an attack of the Blob.

”I had to do a miracle.”

From the New York Times:

”Aug. 21 is a very special day for the Czech Republic — it’s the 40th anniversary of the Soviet invasion in 1968,” she said afterward. ”I of course had a Russian competitor against me. She was winning with such a long throw,” she added, and said she wondered if she’d be able to turn the date to her advantage.

via Kottke

Not the recommended method

You may have seen this already elsewhere, but I couldn’t resist posting it here: Czech crash victim wakes up speaking English. Disappointing that his newfound talent didn’t stick with him. Although if I hadn’t read that part I might be asking myself how bad a crash would it have to be to get me speaking Czech fluently? Or would I just end up speaking perfect English?

Czech or Slovakia

From the Prague Post: Czech or Slovakia “Low taxes and a cheap, available labor force are making Slovakia more attractive to foreign investment.” It sounds like Slovakia is (with good reason) eager to take advantage of those factors to try to attract more business. I worry, though, about designing a tax system around attracting business. American cities and states have often taken that path with good intensions without analyzing the true costs–for instance, the negative cost of giving a tax break to a company in order to attract it to the area. The taxes lost in the deal often outweigh the job gains.

Gaston’s Progeny

Remember Gaston, the sea lion from the Prague zoo that rode floodwaters all the way to Germany? The story ended sadly when, after being recaptured, Gaston died of exhaustion. But there is a happy addendum: it turned out that the father of seven had already conceived his eighth, who was born in June.